Being the daughter of two staunch vegetarians and raised on an organic farm, she excluded leather and fur from her collections right from the start. Her parents were activists, vegetarians and environmentalists who worked on various international causes.
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"I have a very strong memory of myself as a child, sitting in my parents’ wardrobe and being totally fascinated by its contents. It was the glam rock era, half the things I was sure belonged to my mother were also regularly worn by my father. And I learned so much from their strong sense of ethics. They were activists working for several international causes, vegetarians and environmentalists. I have taken their attitude and commitment and made it my own. The thing that interests me the most is to make my brand into one without any negative impact on the environment."
"When I was a girl, I used to watch old Hollywood movies, I liked Katharine Hepburn, Billie Davis, but my absolute icon was Doris Day! Probably because she did not fit into the stereotypes of women at that time. The film that influenced me the most in what I still do today was “Calamity Jane”, where Doris Day plays a tomboy and a cowgirl and suddenly becomes a super-glamorous woman."
20th century art and design are another source of inspiration: Jean Prouv, Charlotte Perriand, Gio Ponti, Fontana, Ert, Paolo De Poli, Alexander Calder, ......
No dark side
to fashion?
A consistent series of innovations that has resulted in her collections, like spring 2022, being produced more sustainably than ever.
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"I want to continue to follow my path and create clothes that are not only beautiful but also good for the planet. And I would like all other brands to join me in this mission, that working this way becomes the norm."
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